A familiar name in the industry, JagChamber has a completely new look and identity and, in fact, a new name too: Lynxsom.

Become the ShopLocal Expert of your Community!

Become the ShopLocal Expert of your Community!

For many of us, the global health pandemic affected our ability to reach the 2020 goals we set. With only three months left until the new year, now is a good time to assess.

When you need the ability to tie into JagSuite? Look no further, you can do so as our all-in-one comes inclusive with a built-in API interface!

We love supporting our Jag Family in great news! Check it out ...

Read the letter that ASAE sent on behalf of Chambers and Nonprofits affected by COVID-19 for stimulus funding.

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Our mission is to connect people and businesses using Jag's digital solution. Now, more than ever with COVID-19 impacting our economy, we are taking our mission to heart. Find out about our free service being offered to JagSuite clients ... #onlinemarketing #socialmedia #development

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